WRX vs. Evo: The Complete History


WRX vs. Evo: The Complete History

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by Huw Evans

Although Makinen had scored yet another driver's crown, the team had finished third in the constructor's race, behind Toyota and archrival Subaru. On the positive side, in both Group N and the Asia-Pacific Championship, there was absolutely no doubt that the Mitsubishi Evolution was the car to beat.

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The intense rivalry between Mitsubishi's Lancer Evolution and Subaru's Impreza WRX is chronicled in the 400+ pages of this book by veteran automotive journalist Huw Evans. These dueling all-wheel-drive, turbocharged four-cylinders have battled each other on rally stages, road courses, drag strips, and the street across two decades and around the globe, attracting millions of rabid fans in the process.

WRX vs. Evo tells the story of these groundbreaking cars from their inception to the present day. Additional coverage includes the most complete compilation of special edition cars to be found anywhere, a full rundown of official factory specs, nearly 200 photos of street and rally cars, and historical information about the two companies and the engineering, design, and race histories of these high-performance machines.


426 pages

ISBN 978-0-9821733-4-3