Gurney Eagle-Weslake F1: SSM5

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Gurney Eagle-Weslake F1: SSM5

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by Bob Varsha

Foreword by Dan Gurney

Photography by Peter Harholdt

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In 1967 Dan Gurney gained a permanent place among America's greatest racing heroes. Driving his Gurney-Weslake Eagle, he won the Belgian Grand Prix and became the only American to win a modern-era European Grand Prix race in an American car. In doing so he defeated such legends as Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Jack Brabham, and Jackie Stewart, more established teams like Ferrari and Lotus, and conquered the menacing Spa-Francorchamps circuit itself, much of which was made up of dangerous and narrow public roads that the racers traversed at speeds approaching 200 mph.

This exciting new addition to the Stance & Speed Monograph series is written by broadcasting veteran Bob Varsha, known to American racing fans as the voice of Formula One races on Speed TV for more than a decade. As always, the photography of Peter Harholdt enhances the classic beauty of the car, while Gurney himself adds a foreword in which he reflects on this remarkable car and his legendary accomplishment.



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